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Our success is the direct result of our focus on current trends. We make it a priority to remain at the forefront of tax laws and changes in the insurance industry. In this way, we effectively develop planning concepts, techniques and products to help our clients achieve their goals.

Ana Hart is the Office Manager for The Gilbert Group and works closely with Dennis Gilbert and his team of advisors to secure the best possible outcomes on behalf of its clients. Mrs. Hart started in the life insurance industry over 40 years ago in the premium accounting department. She quickly moved to other areas of customer service and for the past 25 years, has been focused on new business underwriting, sales and case design. In her spare time, Mrs. Hart loves attending basketball games, movies and concerts with her family.
Virginia (Ginna) Harty joined The Gilbert Group in 2012 as the firm’s Senior Case Manager and a licensed insurance agent. Mrs. Harty handles the firm’s disability portfolio, specializing in complex case design and strategic medical underwriting for individual and group life insurance. Prior to working at The Gilbert Group, she was the Docketing Compliance Analyst at Intellectual Property, a law firm in Santa Monica. Mrs. Harty received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Boston College in (’07), and then obtained her Master of Arts degree at Loyola Marymount University in Counseling (’12). Mr. and Mrs. Harty actively volunteer at Upward Bound House, a transitional housing facility for homeless families in and around Santa Monica. Outside of the office, she enjoys camping, cooking and traveling to the east coast to visit friends and family.
Young Woo joined The Gilbert Group in 2014 as the firm’s Customer Service Manager. Ms. Woo handles all customer service and queries for inforce policies including address changes, owner & beneficiary changes, payee updates, loans & withdrawals, policy performance reviews, and death claims processing. Prior to joining The Gilbert Group, she was a case manager at Gilbert-Krupin. Ms. Woo has worked with various financial institutions including insurance companies and broker dealers in the new business, customer service and compliance areas. Outside of the office, she enjoys hiking, dancing, cooking and traveling. 
Gabrielle Gilman joined The Gilbert Group in 2016, as a case manager. She works with our advisors to lead the case processing, which include inputting and pre-underwriting of new applications, ordering medical records and exams, and providing status updates for our clients. Prior to working at The Gilbert Group, Ms. Gilman studied marketing at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. She also lived in south of Boston, Rhode Island, Philadelphia, and Australia where she worked in various fields in customer service, administration, marketing, and finance. Outside of the office, Ms. Gilman enjoys dancing, traveling, live music, and exercising.
Maryann McClaurey began working for Dennis Gilbert in 1981. She has been the Bookkeeper for Dennis J. Gilbert, Inc., Gilbert Insurance Services, Inc. and Dennis & Cynthia Gilbert for the past 35 years. Prior to joining Dennis, Mrs. McClaurey was the Executive Secretary for the Art Director at New West Magazine and managed the Sea Lodge Hotel in Marina Del Rey.
Stacey Kovits is the Executive Assistant to Dennis Gilbert at The Gilbert Group. Ms. Kovits first joined Dennis Gilbert in 2006 as a Case Manager collecting, reviewing and packaging clients’ medical records for the issuance of disability, long term care and various other life insurance and annuity policies. In 2010, she obtained her life insurance license and became Senior Case Manager. After leaving in 2015, she rejoined The Gilbert Group in early 2017. Outside the office, Ms. Kovits loves spending time with her family and her dog, Ewok. She enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, listening to classical music and learning about geology, astronomy and world history.
Michelle Gotzev joined The Gilbert Group in 2018, as the front-desk receptionist. She provides support to executives, management and office personnel in the company, while also assisting customers and clients. Ms.Gotzev helps the Gilbert Group run smoothly and maintain the company’s professional image. She is currently studying Healthcare Nursing at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Ms. Gotzev is a Los Angeles native who enjoys traveling, hiking, and kick boxing.

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