Optional provisions and riders are attached to a policy help protect policyholders and add benefits to cover their unique needs:

Life Policy Riders

Waiver of Premium Will waive the insured’s premium if the insured becomes disabled
Disability Income The insured becomes totally disabled, as defined in the rider, the insured will begin to receive monthly disability income benefits after the elimination period
Accidental Death/Double Indemnity The insured dies as a result of an accident within  a specified period of time after the accident (usually 90 days), the policy will pay double the face amount to the beneficiary
Cost of Living  To protect beneficiaries from the effects of inflation over a period of time
Accelerated Death Benefit  Provide financial assistance in the event that you become diagnosed with a terminal illness.
Guaranteed Insurability  Also called a GI rider, is a life insurance rider which allows the owner of a life insurance policy to buy additional life insurance with no underwriting. A rider is an additional benefit to a life insurance policy beyond the death benefit.
Long Term Care Rider  Provides an acceleration of the death benefit to help pay for costs involved with long-term care.
Return of Premium Rider  A policy add-on that returns premium paid if the insured outlives the term of the policy.



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