Specialty Coverage for Athletes

Whether participating in a team sport or an individual sport, Professional Athletes’ careers expose themselves to countless possible injuries and illnesses.  A minor disability may become career-ending for a professional athlete. With the risk so high most insurers will not even underwrite disability insurance plans for athletes.

The Gilbert Group provides high limit coverage for professional athletes to financially protect against temporary and/or permanent disabilities. Each sport has unique underwriting challenges as incomes may come from a variety of sources including team contracts, signing bonuses, endorsements and purse winnings.

Each sport commands unique contract features. Some contracts are fully guaranteed while others allow the team to waive the contract as they see fit. A variety of flexible solutions are available to protect professional athletes. 

Professional Athletes Disability Insurance is designed to guarantee the benefits of the athlete’s contract, their current income or protection for young players before being drafted into the pros. Many sports do not guarantee the benefits to the player for longer than the current contract year. If the player is injured and is not able to make the cut during the pre-season their contract may be waived. Our underwriters oers benefits that are structured based on the player’s contract, their income and the specific sport.

Our disability products will cover against being unable to continue in their current occupation as a professional athlete due to accident and/or sickness. There can be a claim payment made following temporary and/or permanent disability from his/her professional career. Which cover suits them is depending on their individual contract and in relation to their future earnings.

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