Policy Provisions

Presumptive Disability

If due to a sickness or injury, the insured has totally lost: the use of both hands, or both feet, or one hand and one foot, or the sight of both eyes, or the hearing of both ears, or the ability to speak, the elimination period will be waived and the monthly benefit will be paid for the entire benefit period or as long as the loss exists.

Rehabilitation Benefit

Underwriters may oer financial assistance for a rehabilitation program if they are paying benefits under this policy and if they approve the program in advance. The terms of a rehabilitation program, related expenses and total disability benefits during this program, will be subject to mutual agreement.

Survivorship Benefit

If at the time of death the insured was receiving monthly benefits, underwriters can pay a survivorship benefit equal to three times the monthly benefit.

Transplant Benefit

If the insured donates an organ after the policy has been in force for at least six months, any total disability resulting from the surgery will be considered an illness.

Recurrent Disabilities

If after a period a total disability, the insured returns fulltime to work, and within six months the insured is once again totally disabled, he/she can elect to continue the previous claim without the need for a new elimination period or choose to have a new elimination/benefit period.  Once a period of six months has elapsed from returning to work, any new claim will have a new elimination and benefit period.

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